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           Thanksgiving Day is an ancient holiday from the United States. It is also a festival for families to get together. Sunrise enterprise attaches great importance to the personal conduct and ethics of its employees. The general manager followed the international footsteps and established this festival in August, hoping that we would not forget to the families who support us while working hard.We hope the employees can use this holiday to appreciate and accompany their parents.
          As we grow older, we are gradually away from our parents ,study or work, and the time of being able to accompany our parents are numbered.In addition, the company will give us money to paid for our parents , so that employees and their parents can enjoy the holiday better.In these days, we went to our hometown to buy new clothes for our parents, watch a movie, or go shopping together to catch up on the latest news.In our limited life, we hope we can have more time and space to accompany our family members .
         With gratitude, Sunrise enterprise and all employees will make better achievements!