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  • Wentian the first lab module of china’s space station successfully launched

         At 14:22 on July 24, 2022(Beijing time),Wentian laboratory module carried by the ‘Long March 5’ rocket was launched on time from the Wenchang Launch Site in China. After about 495 seconds, the Wentian laboratory module separated from the rocket and entered the planned orbit, the launch was a complete success.
         At 3:13 on the 25th, the Wentian module rendezvoused and docked with the combination of the Tianhe core module. This is the first time that space rendezvous and docking during the mission crew have stayed in space station in orbit. At 10:03 on the 25th, the Shenzhou XXI crew successfully opened the door of the Wentian lab module and entered the Wentian laboratory smoothly. This is the first time that Chinese crew have entered a scientific laboratory module in orbit.
        "Wentian" explores the space, Anhui Sunrise Enterprise hereby warmly congratulates the successful launch of the Wentian laboratory module!