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             If a company wants to grow, and the team wants to maintain its vitality, it must constantly inject fresh blood. With the continuous development of the company, the demand for talents is becoming more and more urgent. Starting from the actual situation of the company and considering the long-term development of the company, the company’s leaders decided to launch a "campus trip" recruitment activity, enter colleges and universities, and recruit talents.

            In this "campus trip" recruitment activity, our company has successively visited major universities in Anhui, recruiting positions are accurate, and the number of planned recruitment is limited, but students in front of the recruitment workbench are still in an endless stream. Recruiters patiently answer questions from students on positions of interest, and communicate with them in a timely manner to understand their employment mentality and employment intentions, and help them take the first step in their careers.

            In this campus recruitment, 6 outstanding graduates were selected. The recruitment activity achieved the expected results and achieved a complete success. The outstanding talents who have been screened through the layers have injected fresh blood into Sunrise and laid a solid foundation for Sunrise's take-off.