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          In this era of rapid development, corporate image is a kind of productivity, it reveals the market positioning of the enterprise, exuding the business philosophy of the company, highlighting the comprehensive strength of the enterprise, but also for the enterprise to create unlimited value, and the office environment is undoubtedly the key factor affecting the corporate image.
          In order to provide a good office environment for employees, Sunrise Company will hold a cleaning activity every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. At the same time as the cleaning, inspection teams will also be set up to carry out sanitary inspections. Implement a reward policy for outstanding employees. This action not only greatly promoted the employees to pay more attention to the office environment, but also strongly enriched our corporate culture.
          In the clean, bright, warm working environment, the majority of staff maintain a positive enthusiasm for work, work efficiency has been significantly improved. The new and old employees have expressed that in the brand new office environment, in a good working atmosphere,we will be full of energy, strive for the upper reach, and make further achievements.