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              Today, we have quietly bid farewell to the year 2020, which has made remarkable achievements, and ushered in the year 2021, which is full of hope.The past year has been encouraging and exciting year, but also our staff hard work, all-out struggle of the year.
    In order to encourage and relax the staff, the general manager led all the staff to hold the year-end meeting this year.In the meeting, the general manager pointed out that the most important work goal in 2021 is "big data". The information age is becoming more and more transparent, which has become the development trend in the future,  Sunrise Enterprise will bound to follow this trend and become the leader of the industry.
              After ten years of hardships, ten years of experience and ten years of development, Sunrise Enterprise gradually developed into an organized, disciplined and powerful team, in the future, we will still not forget the original intention, to create a better and brighter future for Sunrise!