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              The current society is a society of rapid development, with advanced science and technology, information flow. communication between people more and more close, life is more and more convenient, big data is the product of this high-tech era .Sunrise enterprises has been developing since 2010,and the data volume is huge and various in the process of work. In order to use relevant data and analysis to help enterprises reduce costs, improve efficiency, develop new products, make more intelligent business decisions, etc. , Sunrise enterprises from the beginning to keep up with the times, establish and improve the relevant database. As December is approaching the end of the year, each department have been actively engaged in the integration and summary of data and information, which will play a guiding role in the work plan for the next year.
              The data itself is an asset,In the future development process, Sunrise enterprises will constantly update and improve the database, and strive to improve the efficiency and economic efficiency of enterprises, to make more contributions to society.