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           November is the peak season for trade.Even if the days are getting cooler and the nights are getting longer, Sunrise enthusiasm for active work cannot be stopped.
           The epidemic is obstructing, China's import and export trade has not been hit by the epidemic, and the trade economy is recovering rapidly.After the Canton Fair, new and old customers constantly contact the corresponding salesman, signed orders.Each department of the company has been busy, business department is communicating with customers to receive new orders;The merchandiser department is processing orders in the factory.The documentation Department is contacting the forwarder to handle the transportation of the goods.The design department is developing the new design and production of the company's catalogue, and the campus recruitment matters that the human resources department is responsible for are also in full swing.All staff according to the duty division, orderly in the Sunrise Enterprise better development and efforts.
           We firmly believe that a group of people, one heart, work together, will win!Under the leadership of the leadership, under the efforts of employees, Sunrise Enterprise will be stronger!