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    The ancients said:Each day I examine myself on these three points. Its purpose is to constantly reflect on themselves and improve themselves, so as to enhance their connotation and quality.

    At the beginning of September, Sunrise Enterprises carried out a annual work on trial the company's products and summarize the shortcomings of the products. The moral was that let the employees trial all the products of the company, find out the problems of the products from the customer's point of view, improve these deficiencies and enhance their self-quality when recommending new products. At the end of the one-month trial, all employees submitted the trial report, and the relevant responsible persons summarized the problems of the report and submitted it to the general manager, who discussed the promotion plan with the salesman personally.

    We believe that the road to success must be accompanied by constant improvement, constant change and constant innovation. Today's glory with Sunrise Enterprises is not only due to our strong strength and excellent employees, but also because we have been updating, upgrading and surpassing ourselves to provide customers with better products. Sunrise Enterprises can be expected tomorrow!