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             There is an old saying: one generation plants a tree, the next enjoys the shade.The logistics department of Sunrise enterprise paid a lot of energy for the success of the Canton Fair and laid a good foundation for it.The salesman also did very well when he was broadcasting live online.Even during the epidemic, we have achieved remarkable accomplishments, which proves that opportunities are for those who are prepared.
             In this Canton fair, the most important thing is our signing contracts with foreign guests volume, we insist on every day during the Canton fair to send air links to new and old customers, so that customers can conveniently viewing our live show, during the live we will have professional salesmen for the reply to the customer's problem in the background, so that customers fully understand our new product, this makes we received many of Poland, Spain, the Czech republic,  the United States and other countries orders for new and old guests.
             Today's efforts, the achievement of tomorrow's brilliant, Sunrise enterprise will be better and better!