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  • Environmental Protection, Sunrise has been in action!

          In order to raise the global awareness of environmental protection, the United Nations has designated June 5 as the World Environment Day since 1972. The theme of this year's Environment Day is "beautiful China, I am an actor". It aims to strengthen the publicity of the importance of the environment, start with every little thing around ourselves, to realize a green life and  energy-saving and emission reduction lifestyle.
          As a benchmark in the international trade industry, Sunrise Enterprise resolutely put an end to all acts of wasting resources and endangering the environment. On that day, our company organized an interesting environmental protection knowledge award-winning Q & A under the leadership of the general manager. Once this activity was announced, it aroused great enthusiasm of the staff. Everyone took part in the activity and spread their environmental protection experience. Through this activity, we have deeply understood the significance of low-carbon life, found and felt the beauty of the environment, enhanced scientific knowledge literacy, improved the concept of environmental protection. This has created a good atmosphere for environmental protection within the company and the concept of green emission reduction is deeply rooted in our hearts.

          Beautiful China, Sunrise has been in action!