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            ‘Clouds Canton Fair’ has given us an opportunity to display brands and companies, and also built a bridge to communicate with foreign customers. Whether to foreign trade enterprises or to foreign customers, they have increased market confidence to a certain extent. The new Clouds Canton Fair is both an opportunity and a challenge for all foreign trade companies.
             Half a month before the start of the Canton Fair, the business department and design department of Anhui Sunrise have entered the test stage in full swing. In order to allow customers to truly feel the products online, we display products and enterprises in a comprehensive manner through VR panoramic shooting, corporate video, 3D product introduction, live broadcast and other methods. In order to solve the limitation of insufficient product experience for online customers, In addition to the VR panorama display, a small video is also made to display each new product one by one to present the performance and selling points of the product to customers in an intuitive and three-dimensional way, so that customers can have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the product without actually touching it.
           We believe that for a good company, any crisis is an excellent opportunity for leapfrog development.