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  • Online recruitment improves employment

        In order to cater to the company’s business development and accumulate human resource, our company has been invited to participate in large-scale online school recruitment meetings of various universities since the end of April. In the process of recruitment, our company has received a large number of resumes from fresh graduates. With the enthusiasm for the foreign trade industry, they expressed their wish to join our company. According to the company’s development needs, the candidates’ performance in school and their internship experiences, our company has accepted a group of excellent talents after screening resumes and communicating with candidates.

        We have selected a number of foreign trade elites through this online recruitment fair, which achieved the expected results and a complete success. As the fresh blood of Sunrise, they will certainly inject new vitality into the enterprise. Sunrise enterprise provides a large number of talents with work opportunities and a platform to show themselves, and also shows the awareness of social responsibility of an excellent foreign trade enterprise.