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  • International Labor Day

        May 1 International Labor Day is a national holiday in more than 80 countries in the world, and it is also a holiday shared by working people all over the world.The significance of International Labor Day lies in the fact that workers have won their legitimate rights and interests through struggling with the spirit of indomitable and courageous. On this day , people gathered in parks, theaters and squares happily to participate in various celebrations or entertainment activities in previous years. In consideration of the outbreak of the 2019-nCov, the government called on people to stay at home and pay attention to their own safety this year.
       On the occasion of the festival, our company organized a lecture about the labor day, which made us have a deeper understanding of the origin of the labor day, and arranged a general cleaning. The division of labour is clear-cut, each one being charged with specific responsibilities.  We were busy, and also experienced the joy of labor. Through this activities,all of us realized that labor creates value, so we should cherish our own and other people's labor achievement.

        I wish each member of the Sunrise Enterprise have a correct labor viewpoint and labor consciousness, realize the glory and greatness of labor in mind. Let's devote ourselves to a better work and life with full enthusiasm for labor.