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  • Online sacrifice ,The Tomb-sweeping Day under Virus

        The Tomb-sweeping Day is a traditional festival in our country. Sacrifice as a traditional custom, expresses the memory and admiration of ancestors. Recently, due to the Influence of the 2019-nCov, in order to avoid people gathering in presenting sacrifice, the national epidemic prevention department advocated Sacrifice Online . Green and environmentally-friendly way will be a special way to sacrifice this year. 
        Sunrise enterprises actively responded to this appeal, and out of concern for the safety of employees, we urged all employees to adopt a new and environmentally-friendly method of tribute to ancestors by online sacrifice. For those persons who are unable to arrive at the scene due to various reasons, the new form of online sacrifice, not only reach their wish, but also realize their missing. 
        Fighting against the 2019-nCov, sunrise enterprises will be with you together!